Gas Prices in Massachusetts

The bad news is that Massachusetts is on the high end when it comes to national gas price, but the good news is that ways to save are all around you. Fuel costs are hurting everyone from business on down to each and every individual. However, a few things have changed in recent years with the goal of helping drivers with the cost of fuel.

Your first option, if money allows, is to upgrade your vehicle. Automobile manufacturers have been developing cars and trucks that are much more efficient when it comes to using fuel. Hybrid and electric vehicles are now widely available and will not cost an arm and a leg. Look into making a change to your vehicle if your wallet and lifestyle allow.

A great option for all drivers is joining a fuel rewards network. They allow you to save money on gas nearly anytime you spend money in participating location. The network is made up of thousands of participating gas stations and merchants. Each time that you spend money at one of these locations, you will earn rewards that include cheaper gas. As if savings on gas weren't enough, the network opens the door to an online mall where you can earn even more savings.

A Few Fuel-Saving Myths Debunked:

  1. Gas additives have shown to improve fuel efficiency. After countless tests, the Federal Trade Commission determined that any improvements were so minor that they were not worth the initial cost to the vehicle owner.
  2. Turning off your car instead of idling will save you gas. Unless you are going to be idling for a long period of time there is no reason to turn off your vehicle.
  3. The older a car gets the more gas it wastes. Actually, one of the most consistent parts of a car is fuel consumption, which will peak in the early years then settle to the designed norms. If your vehicle is wasting more fuel, there could be a mechanical problem.
  4. Across the Bay State, from the stretch of I-95 that reaches across the eastern coastline to the pavement that cuts through the forest vistas of the west, there are many scenic roads to enjoy. Give your vehicle and driving habits a fuel-saving upgrade and enjoy more miles for less.