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Background Checks

If you've gotten turned down for a job in MA, maybe the reason is because you have a poor driving record or a blemished background. A potential employer can say no for either reason, especially if it's for a Commercial Driver (CDL) position. If you think there might be something on your report that kept you out of the driver's seat, get a copy of your background check before you sit down for your next interview.

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Your Driving Record: Own It

If you're interested in getting your Massachusetts driving record, you can order a copy through, a reputable and reliable online records service. When you use, they'll provide you with an analysis of your driving record by giving you a comprehensive breakdown of your driving history. By looking at your driving history, records you'll be able to see if you have any points, tickets or violations as well as see if your driver's license needs to be reinstated or renewed. Read more...

Can Background Checks Be Inaccurate?

A report from the New York Times shows that companies who provide background check services, more times than not, give out inaccurate results. Inaccurate results in a background check in Massachusetts or any U.S. state are more common than people know. For example, some job applicants are charged with crimes that have been dismissed or expunged. It clearly states in the Fair Credit Reporting Act that background check companies must ensure the reports they send to employers are 100 percent accurate. Read more...

Five Reasons to Have a Background Check Done in Massachusetts

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