Notice: 78 Percent of US DMV Data Consists of 300 Million VIN Numbers; is Your VIN on That List?

VIN Number Explained

What are VIN numbers used for? In most cases VIN numbers are used frequently when checking into a vehicle's history. If you're looking to buy a used car in Massachusetts, get the facts up front by using its VIN to check out the history of the vehicle.

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Checking the VIN

If you are going to make an investment in a used car, you'll find that it's not only important, but almost imperative to know its complete vehicle history before shelling out your money. If you utilize a vehicle report service, it can help to avoid buying a car that might actually be a lemon on wheels. is a respected vehicle report company that will run a VIN check of the used car you're interested in. It's with this report that you can make a more informed decision on purchasing the used car based on their information. Read more...

What to Know About VIN Fraud

Did you know that if selling or owning a vehicle or a vehicle part with an altered or removed VIN, if the VIN was illegally removed or altered in is considered a crime in most states? Interesting enough, to actually enforce liability, some state courts can require a culpable mental state on the part of the defendant for partaking in any of these actions. Read more...

Why Get a Vehicle History Report?

By purchasing a vehicle history report, you will be arming yourself with a crucial tool for car shopping. Having this information at your fingertips will allow you to quickly learn the real facts about a vehicle that a dealer or private party might omit when selling you a car. Read more...