Traffic Signs

As a licensed driver in Massachusetts, traffic signs are a critical part of our daily driving routine. These posted traffic signs tell drivers when to merge, stop, or slow down, among other things. Even if you've had your driver's license since high school, you might not be familiar with all traffic roadway signs in MA. If you're like most driver's, you've haven't opened up a MA driver's manual since you took your initial driver's testso why not brush up on the rules of the road?

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How do I Learn More About Massachusetts Traffic Signs?

If you are applying for a Massachusetts driver's license for the first time, you are required to pass a written knowledge test which is comprised of questions regarding driving rules, regulations, procedures, and traffic and highway signs. If you're applying for your license, or want to take a refresher course in traffic signs, you can study with the help of the Massachusetts Driver's Manual. Read more...

All Types of Massachusetts Traffic Signs: Why You Should Know Them

In Massachusetts, the state-posted traffic signs alert a driver to many things that are important and that you should be aware of. If you drive the roadways of Massachusetts, you should really be familiar with all types of traffic signs. The signs are placed in strategic places for their own specific reasons, the main one being your safety. Read more...